Nanban Review – Nanban Movie Review, Nanban Movie Rating, Nanban Tamil Movie | Cast and Crew, Photos, Stills, Images Rating

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Nanban Review – Nanban Movie Review, Nanban Movie Rating, Nanban Tamil Movie

Nanban Movie Story Review

Nanban Review – Nanban Movie Review, Nanban Movie Rating, Nanban Tamil Movie, Nanban Cast and Crew Story.

Nanban is a provocative idea as funny, wildly entertaining as deep as. Laugh-riot that talks about the most important of human activities: self-actualization. The Film is a remake of the Hindi 3 idiots.


Nanban Movie Cast & Crew

Director:   Shankar.
Producer:   Gemini Films.
Music Director:   Harris Jayaraj.

Nanban Movie Cast 

Nanban1: Vijay as Panchavan ParivendanNanban2: Ileana D Cruz as RiyaNanban3: Jeeva as Sevalkodi Senthil


"Nanban Movie" is a 2009 Bollywood remake of the Tamil blockbuster ' 3 idiots. The title roles in Hindi were played by Aamir Khan, Madhavan and Sharman junior Angus House. Kareena Kapoor of the role played by Ileana "Nanban". Sathyaraj excels in role of Boman Irani was Professor in ' 3 idiots '.
It has been a long time that we saw such a colourful and energetic film like this. Thanks Shankar and his team, which has made this wonderful film that is both emotional and entertaining.


Expectations were high for the film for the fact that Shankar and Vijay has come together for the first time for a movie. And for Shankar this is his next after the mammoth production and blockbuster hit superstar's Endhiran '! For Vijay is this next successful Velayudham!


"Nanban" say three Engineering students who come from different backgrounds, with a view to their life story. PARI (Vijay), Senthil (Jiiva) and Venkatramakrishnan are three friends who are very close friends in the class. PARI requests that studies should be useful to our lives and do not believe in memorizing issues such as what Srivatsan (Satyan), who are cute Professor Santhanam (Sathyaraj). Three boys arise professor anger, but as the story goes, three friends slowly professor understands the actual personalities. Professor in medical college students ' PARI loves his daughter Riya (Ileana). After you have changed the course of their lives, and subsequently the boys are said to be monitored on the silver screen. Original story was adapted from Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘Five Point Someone’. The screenplay for ‘Nanban’ is written by Shankar and Madhan Karky.

The music is by Harris Jayaraj. Shankar-duo Harris Jayaraj had created a magic previously with his film ' Anniyan '. The same magic was created with ' Nanban ' too. The songs are a rage with young people and music lovers and topping the charts. The background score also adds strength to the script.

Manoj Paramahamsa did the camera work, a great advantage for 'Nanban'. The man in the lens has led his camera to the next level. Edited by Anthony is also worthy of mention.

A whopping Rs 60 Crore 'Nanban ' Gemini Film circuit is generated by the budget. The Film was also dubbed in Telugu with title ' 3 Rascals.

'Nanban' is definitely a great treatment for Shankar and Vijay fans and healthy entertainment for everyone who loves the movie is good!

'Nanban' is a film that is for sure a watchable. A must watch!

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