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Abhayam Movie Review

Abhayam Movie Review of film classification,  Abhayam Tamil film:

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'Abhayam' is a dubbed version 2005 release Telugu "Danger". The film is a thriller that succeeds in something; you put on the edge of the seats.






Allari Naresh, Sairam Shankar, Abhishek, Shire and Swathi are close friends who set out to the farmhouse, on the occasion of one of their married friends. On their way they mistakenly rub with a team of police but manage to escape from them. However, other events by place them in Great trouble. Director of policies that offer the living child in the jungles for his political perspective and baddies be seen filming and run after them. How the team manages to escape from the police and is told in the script of the pipe.

Young cast gave its best performance in the film.

Krishnavamsi directed the film. Predictable Twists and turns do our interest in some places if no Director has been trying his best to thrill us.

Music is by Joshua Sridhar. The background score is a great strength for the film. Camera is by Om Prasad. Excellent work!

' Abhayam ' Sathish Kumar, is produced at J JHA Film Corporation..

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