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Vadacurry Tamil Movie Reviews

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  • Release Date:  19 Jun 2014
  • Genre: Comedy- Romance
  • Language: Tamil
  • Director: Saravana Rajan
  • Producer: Dayanidhi Alagiri
  • Music Director:  Yuvan Shankar Raja
  • Lyricst: Snehan , Ponraj , Harish , Lalith Anand , Niranjan Bharathi
  • Cast:  Jai, Swati Reddy, RJ Balaji, Ajay Raj, Aruldoss, Kasthuri, Venkat Prabhu

  • Vadacurry Tamil Movie Reviews:

    Vadacurry offers a trademark with two different movies that we have seen not long from now. As in Pulivaal, the plot is situated in movement after the saint takes a cell telephone; and, in the same way as the legend of Damaal Dumeel, this demonstration of taking what is not his gets him into issue with culprits. Sathish (Jai) has recently started his profession as a therapeutic agent. 

    However his obsolete cellular telephone is a steady wellspring of humiliation. When we first see him, he is holding up in a center to meet the specialist and the unbalanced discussions he has with two of his companions on the telephone are heard by everybody around him. On the counsel of his windbag companion Karikaalan (RJ Balaji), he tries to get a lavish cellular telephone however can just manage the cost of a stiff "Korean set" as a substitution. 

    With its blasting ringtone, the telephone just grounds him in a bad position. His sister-in-law (Kasturi) utilizes the telephone to frighten her youngster into consuming, his companions use it to make him the object of their jokes and he is even debilitated by an unimportant shop holder for utilizing such a telephone close to his shop.

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