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Onbathula Guru Movie Review

Onbathula Guru Review, Onbathula Guru Rating, Onbathula Guru Tamil Movie, Onbathula Guru Photo's and Picture's

Film: Onbathula Guru

Cast: Vinay Rai,Premji Amaren, Lakshmi Rai, Anjali, Srinivasan

Director: P.T Selvakumar

Producer: S. Sivakumar,R. Sivakumar

Banner: Cosmo and Boss studios

Music: K

Onbathula Guru Movie Review Story:

Onbathula Guru is a comedy story that full of Hollywood remake of "The Hangover". There are four close friends in this story with full of funny entertainment. The main character and hero of the story was Vinay. On the day of Vinay marriage, he goes missing when the time of night party in the bar. At the time of heavy alcohol by the four friends, then the Vinay has missed at night, but the remaining three of his friends are can’t realize the Vinay missing, because of full alcohol drinks.

So, after the next day, the remaining friends will finally realize the missing hero and start searching with funny activities around the City. This story will show a realistic character of all four actors with entertainment, fights, song and all and all.

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